With 2380 sq.ft. built-up area, this makes a perfect house for a family looking for a premium 3BHK villa., with a spacious family living area in the first floor with 2 balconies on either side. Formal living area in the ground floor looks much bigger with the double-height feature.

We have a guest bathroom and 2 living rooms as standard feature in all our villas. “The Haven” villa project is just a couple of minutes’ drive from Kanjikuzhy, the most-happening place in Kottayam. This is located off SH-9, Kanjikuzhy-Puthupally Road. Only 1.7 kms away from Kanjikuzhy, it would take less than 5 minutes to reach any shopping centre or the schools in Kanjikuzhy.

Interiors are well designed. Luxurious bathrooms with open roof & live plants, big windows and contemporary style elevation all adds to the elegant looks of the villa.

Big windows allow a lot of natural light and ventilation. Exposure to natural light enhances your mood and boost your energy levels. It generally makes you feel better. All villas in “The Haven”, a premium villa project in Kottayam has incorporated this feature for the well-being of the resident.

Two spacious living rooms – a formal one that invites your guests in a formal way, and the family living room where you and family can gather during all your recreational time when at home – is a standard feature of all the villas in “The Haven”, the luxury villa project in Kottayam. The common activity in your family living area is watching television, so we have ensured all the living rooms are spacious – almost 300-330 sq.ft. You can decorate your family living area with all your favourite furniture. A bean bag chair is perfect for the reading corner of your family living room.

We know storage is a big priority – hence Altin Properties have designed all interior spaces with 9-10 feet high ceilings. This can increase your storage either as big wardrobes or loft spaces.

The quickest and the cheapest way to reduce you home electricity bills is by going green. Provision of solar hot water lines in all bathrooms and kitchen makes the villas in “The Haven” a best choice for you, considering the priority of saving electricity and also in terms of the huge savings it can offer by reducing your energy bills.

It saves the homeowner a good amount of money in the long run as it doesn’t need to be replaced for years. Unlike hardwood, laminate flooring doesn’t fade in sunlight, and is resistant to stains and scratches due to the highly durable plastic wear layer on the top surface of laminate floors.

White is perfect choice for all seasons and all villas in this project are painted white. White walls go well with any type of decorations as well as it look carefree in bright accents. No other colour are quite as flexible as white.

We want your experience and the journey with us to be a great one, from your initial enquiry right through to moving into and living in your new Altin Villa.

Please speak to our Sales or CRM team or visit “The Haven”, a premium villa project in Kottayam. Altin Properties offers 9 superb choices of 4BHK & 3BHK at Kottayam. You can reach us at +91-75111 73000 or write to us at