The Haven: Peace of mind for the home owner
08 June 2018

When you are buying a new home, the foremost thing you want to be sure is you can trust the builder. Choosing an Altin Villa offers you peace of mind that comes from choosing a firm that is capable of building exceptionally good quality houses for its customers. Most importantly, you need someone who would not take advantage of the word “equivalent” in the specs document and deprive you of the better brands expressly mentioned in the very same specs document.

Altin Properties pride ourselves on being the best builder in town and is en route to establish an enviable reputation for the premium design, good quality of construction, high specifications that go several notches above the market standards, and excellent customer service.

The Villas we build today are a perfect choice for modern lifestyles, with designs that can be adapted for changing needs of the Customer and the environment in which we build. Not only are they built to the best industry standards, but they also come with the latest designs in living rooms, bathroom and kitchen. We place special care and attention on creating beautiful places to live which blends comfortably with its neighbors and the surrounding environment.

At Altin Properties, our aim is that the Customer receives excellent customer service and the best quality home. We want your experience and the journey with us to be a great one, from your initial enquiry right through to moving into and living in your new Altin Villa.

There is practically no end to the luxury elements that you can add to your home if your budget for new home is big enough. What makes Altin Properties unique is we aim to incorporate high specifications in our build and the best brands of building materials and products at a much lesser price compared to what you currently get from the market.

We give the customer support from our Architect team to customize their interiors and we have an interior division which makes us a one-stop solution for all your needs of your new home.

Whether you are looking to own your first home, moving up to something bigger or downsizing, Altin Properties think we have something to suit your needs and tastes.

If you have queries at any time concerning the purchase of your new home, you may speak to our Sales or CRM team or visit “The Haven”, a premium villa project in Kottayam to resolve all your queries, with no obligation to buy.

You can reach us at +91-75111 73000 or write to us at