Tips to reduce unnecessary costs in house construction
08 June 2018

Keeping costs at check if a very critical thing throughout the period of house construction. It’s often found that people exceed their construction budgets at the end, mostly due to lack of proper planning right from the design stage. It is not uncommon that many finishing works remain incomplete even after the owner moves into the new house.

House-building experts list down several tips for low-cost house construction. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality or design of the dream home you plan to build for your family. There are a lot of low-cost house construction methods to choose from – however, you would need to adopt the most suitable method matching your budget and the normal weather conditions of your place as rainfall is quite high and the summer temperature hits as high as 42 degrees on an average in Kerala’s tropical climate.

Think before you leap

The most common error is starting house construction works without a proper plan, schedule/timeline of complete works and a budget. Alteration in the plans as you progress to incorporate new ideas you get from different sources interrupts the normal pace of works and leads to waste of money. It is very important you have a detailed blueprint of what you are going to build before you start the works at site.

Plot of land at reasonable price

Land for housing is very costly in the thickly populated state of Kerala. Unless you have a sizeable budget to spend on a costly plot of land, you should look to buy one at comparatively remote place rather than a plot next to main roads or highways. A low-cost plot will play key role in reducing the overall cash outlay. You may be able to buy a relatively bigger plot in suburban areas. However, when constructing your house in your own plot, you may miss amenities like fitness center, swimming pool, indoor games, security & surveillance and moreover, lose the good aspects of community living in an apartment or villa project.

Meet an experienced civil engineer

With the help of an experience civil engineer, you can estimate the costs and plan your cash payments to the Contractor. You would also need the help of the civil engineer to assess the quality and technical aspects of the works at various stages of construction.

Find a good contractor

Low-cost house construction can be achieved only with the professional support from an experienced contractor. Most contractors are habituated to offer packages at lump sum amount and it is in their interests that they finish the works without exceeding the budget; however, this is not an ideal choice for a home owner as there are several negative aspects in getting the works done in this pattern. The best options for you are either a Cost-plus model (where you would pay an agreed percentage of the total costs to the Contractor) or a labor contract (here, the contractor provides labor and expertise) – in both cases, you have good control over the quality and costs of materials.

Get a good supplier for low-cost building materials

A good supplier can guide you to procure materials at the best prices. There are a lot of suppliers and you can find the information online. However, a bit of field research and common sense can also reach you to the best supplier of the lot.

Monitor every bit of construction works

Every minor works at the site should be monitored closely to avoid wastage & pilferage of materials. This will ensure the quality of workmanship as well, as there is no other short cut to achieve this goal.

Assess progress of works

This is another critical step to keep costs in check. Any unnecessary delays or interruptions in the works at site will waste your money in various ways. You should always have the schedule/timeline of works in your mind to control the pace of works at the site.

Keep the purchased materials and accessories safely

The custody of materials reached the site is an important thing – any damage, pilferage or wastage of materials leads to wastage of your resources.

Buy materials collectively, as much as possible

If you make a proper plan for purchases based on your schedule of works, you would be able to get better prices from vendors and you would also save money on transportation etc. However, you should take into account the storage options available at your site as well as the risks of keeping high value materials in the site.

Avoid spending on expensive wood, show kitchen, pavers etc.

You should always have in mind the utility factor of every item you buy for your house. People in Kerala tend to go for costly teak wood doors and windows for various reasons including security & safety of your house. Instead, you may use less costly wood and can use collapsible gates, and grills for better security. Avoid spending on show kitchen and bathroom accessories unless you have a big budget to build your dream home. Keep the staircases and balconies simple. You may also avoid pavers and go for low-maintenance landscape designs; this will also help you harvest rain water and add to the depleting ground water table.

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