Advantages of owning a villa over a flat or apartment
20 September 2018

The concept of gated villas is attracting the attention of buyers and we at Altin properties strive to give our customers the best of both a villa and a flat. One of the primary reasons a customer tend to choose a flat over a villa, is the cost of investment and at Altin we provide premium villas at the cost of a flat.

The villas of Altin properties are located in a safe neighbourhood that are family-friendly, pollution-free and ooze serenity and peace. Owning a gated villa gives you the pride of living in an independent house coupled with privacy, security and freedom. Villa projects are completed faster, the approval process easier, offer lesser units so that the community does not get overcrowded and so the common amenities are shared among a smaller group.

Here are the undisputable benefits of living in a villa as compared to a flat:

Combined benefits of owing the plot and the structure

A villa offers the customer the dual benefit of owning the land as well as the villa in your own name. Unlike a flat where the land has a joint ownership which in about 25 years has joint ownership to the plot of land and building and requires a joint decision on the way forward.

The owner of a villa owns the land and he singly decide on what to do with his share of land even in the distant future

Guarantee of progressive payments

Villa ownership and its associated progress payment offers the buyer a guarantee for the progress payments. This is because the payments for a villa are scheduled as follows:

  • First payment at the time of transfer of plot of land after which the land is transferred in the name of the buyer
  • Second and future staggered payments depending on the progress of the construction of the villa i.e. 10% on laying of foundation, 20% on completion of level 1 lintel height etc.
This ensures the Buyer with the peace of mind that the money he has paid has actual tangible worth in reality

Future alterations

Your villa allows you customization and you have the chance to modify it as you wish over time. Once a villa bought, you can tailor it and transform it into your own dream home. This flexibility and space for customization is a huge plus point on owning a villa. There is more flexibility to incorporate your personality and individuality.
Going forward, you could:

  • Make required modifications to provide adequate space for your growing children.
  • Make future alterations of interiors/ exteriors as per the latest trends and wishes
  • Redecorate, change your design and revamp the layout i.e. extend the patio, divide the room into two etc.
  • Develop the higher floors when you want to make some additional income through rent
  • install solar panels or other green technologies to create an eco-friendly environment

Better returns on your investment

Villas are known to increase in value (on account of appreciation of the land value) which provides adequate returns to your investment.

Alternatively, if you are not planning to move into your villa, you can rent it temporarily and get returns as monthly rentals. Such rentals derived can be used to repay the loan you may have borrowed to buy it or in case no loan were availed it can serve as an additional income.

Note: It should be particularly noted that appropriate legal agreements should be drawn up if it is decided to rent the property.

Associated freedom

A villa gives you ultimate freedom as it provides the possibility of tailoring your ideas into the villa. You can paint it in your favourite colours, grow your favourite plants in the porch or other making other touches that suit you. The freedom derived from owning such a property is delightful and that has your concepts in them. Generally owing a pet becomes difficult in certain flats due to neighbour complaints, association rules etc. but in a villa you don’t have to worry about neighbours complaining about your pet and it also offers space for the pet to run around and play.

Scope for gardens

An opportunity for gardening exists when you own a villa. Having a garden converts the place to induce an invigorating feeling to unwind in the peace and quiet.

You can also setup your own vegetable or flower garden on the terrace. The cultivated fresh produce can be used for self-consumption or a flower garden can be created for those flower enthusiasts. Creepers can also be planted on terraces for shade or bird houses be built.